Khaleegi Dance Workshops

2 Sundays: 28 Feb & 7 March 10:30am-12:30pm

@ Darwin Bellydance Studio, Leanyer


Khaleegi Dance styles and rhythms come from the Gulf states of Saudia Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. 

Apparently oil rich Arabs from these states began visiting Cairo for entertainment and their Khaleegi styles were adopted into Egyptian dance and song compositions by enterprising locals. 

Khaleegi as a rhythm is a component in some very well known pieces of ‘classical’ Bellydance music and an educated audience would expect the dancer to know the steps associated with the musical section.

Khaleegi is a graceful, feminine dance, often done in a ‘Thobe’ a type of wide jewelled caftan, worn loose (no hip sash) and used as a prop in the dance. Use of the hair is a feature as well as a heavy ‘limping’ step.

Join Georgette, one of Sydney’s most experienced professional Bellydancers (now residing in Darwin) and discover Khaleegi dance and learn a choreography that showcases this beautiful style.

The course is 2 Workshops:

28 February: Steps, Technique & Combos

7 March: Styling & Choreography*

*Second workshop can be attended alone if you have previously done this workshop program with Georgie. Bring your Thobe!

Cost to attend:

Full Workshop Program: $80 Adult / $60 Concession 

Sunday 28th only: $42 Adult / $32 Concession



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