Learn to Bellydance in our Beginners classes or increase your Bellydance Skills, Knowledge and Ability in our Intermediate and Advanced Classes.

Our Regular Classes are suitable for Women of all ages and Teenagers from 12 years+.

Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and ability.

Join our classes and learn to bellydance while increasing your fitness in a fun and light-hearted social environment.


Tailored workshop programs for workplaces

Private groups can arrange to have their own class or workshop in our Leanyer Studio or venue of their choice.

Children’s bellydance classes may also be offered some terms.

Private tuition with an experienced Instructor  on a wide range of bellydance styles is available.

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Benefits of


Bellydance is a low-impact form of exercise suitable for a wide variety of fitness levels. It often has beneficial effects on tired, achy and stiff backs, hips and shoulders by strengthening the supporting muscles and ligaments and encouraging flexibility. Bellydance is gentle enough even for pregnant women to enjoy, the movements are natural to a womans’ body and is said to benefit the expectant mother while in labour and recovery from birth.While we support women dancing through pregnancy, we would first advise consulting your doctor to ensure your health.

Othe important benefits of Bellydance are increased self-esteem and confidence, enhanced body awareness and a better body image, as well as improved memory and coordination skills. Bellydance is a fantastic avenue to make great new friends and meet people from all walks of life. Cultural awareness and understanding adds to a greater appreciation of one’s place in the world and the experience of being a woman (or growing into one). Many women also find the opportunity to dress up and the challenge of performance an exhilarating one – this part of course is a choice, for each individual to make at their discretion.


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The Jamealah Bellydancers host regular in-house events featuring performances by classes and individual soloists, guest presenters, and free dancing for all. It’s a chance for family and friends to be involved and for dancers to develop performance skills in a friendly and supportive environment whilst having a fantastic time.

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