Links & Contacts

Shira - USAShira Belly Dance
Shira has one of the most informative and helpful websites we think on bellydance in general. Lots of great tips and hints.
Ameras Palace - Sydney AustraliaAmeras Palace
Amera is one of Australian Bellydances' most respected dancers and authorities in Australia. Her boutique 'Ameras Palace' is also well visited and is a supplier of all things beautiful in belly dance.
Underbelly - Melbourne AustraliaUnderbelly Dance
We love the crew at Melbourne Underbelly, not only for bringing us on a regular basis 'the divine Ms Brice of the Indigo and BDSS' to our shores but also for their fantastic style and creativity
Bellyqueen - USABelly Queen
Formed by an amazing duo Amar Gamal and Kaeshi Chai, both have been in the BDSS, Bellyqueen is creative and is one half Aussie' (Kaeshi, we are told is originally from Sydney NSW) which we think is fantastic
Rachel Brice - USARachel Brice
It goes without saying that we (like many others in this industry) have been inspired by this fabulous artist and her inspirational approach to dance. Jamealah students have always made an effort to get to Rachels' workshops in Australia and look forward to any future visits.
Jillina - USAJillina
Magical is one word that springs to mind when we think of Jillina, a bellydance superstar and incredible choreographer.
Lapitz Creations Darwin NT
by appointment only
Mobile: 0421 442371
Lapitz Creations custom designs and creates a range of dance attire that ranges from troupe costumes right through to working one on one with you to create your dream soloist costume. Supplier of costume embellishments, fringe and fabrics, Lapitz Creations also can supply off the rack class attire.
Campfire Women - DarwinCamp Fire Women
Australian BellydanceBelly Dance Oz
A comprehensive directory of all things to do with Belly Dance in Australia!
Andrew King - Fabulous bellydance supporter and photo contributer to Jamealah Bellydancers website.Many of the photos you'll see on this site have been taken and have been very generously contributed to the Jamealah website by Andrew. for which we are most grateful.
ROSE- Perth AustraliaRose Belly Dance
Rose is one of our favourite Australian dancers! She has travelled to Darwin to present workshops and perform for us and we love her!

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